Headway Tip

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Headway Tip 

NOK 399,00

Two years ago, we came up with the idea of designing a new line system for double-handed rods. In order to gain further insights into the Scandinavian market and the needs of Scandinavian salmon fishermen, we started out by interviewing a series of Scandinavian fly tackle stores. In doing so, we learned more about how to improve and optimize existing line ranges in the market. Full of input and enthusiasm, we then sat down and designed the first prototypes. During the development and testing phases, we teamed up with some of the most experienced salmon fly fishermen, fly casters, and tackle store representatives in Norway. We’re proud to say that the resulting line- and tip range is the most thoroughly tested and fine-tuned line range we’ve ever designed for Scientific Anglers. The lines and tips perform equally well for the beginner and the expert no matter what modern high-modulus double-hander you might chose to cast.

  • The tapered tips will turn over both the smallest and biggest salmon flies out there. The tips will also improve most other heads (from competing brands) in the market
  • Tips range from 9 – 18´ in six different sinking densities
  • No hinging in the transition between belly and tip. Makes for harmonious casting and smooth loops
  • Textured coating makes the tips easier to pull out of the water prior to casting
  • Integrated Scientific Anglers line-ID, so you can always identify the right tip for the right job